Healthy Body Happy Life – Well Balanced Diet & Exercise Improves Life Quality

Process in Attaining a Healthy Mind and Body

Diet exercise and meditation – The key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  When thinking of health, we concentrate mainly on diet and weight.  We need to look at the complete concept.  It includes a combination of both mind and body.  One without the other is incomplete.  A healthy body without peace of mind can give a lost feeling. Or scattered, or disoriented.  I think it could also be difficult to have peace of mind with an unhealthy body.

This discussion is not only about how to have a healthy mind and body also how to keep and maintain it.

Steps Taken to get there

Most of us are enthusiastic at the initial stage of this process.  A few weeks in, approximately 90% lose interest…Why?  Not necessarily due to laziness or lack of commitment, but due to lack of organization.  Not well-thought-out or planned. To be successful the change needs to be taken seriously.

Look at the big picture:

health and wellness

It cannot be seen as a pastime but a Life-Changing Event.  Draft an itinerary to include diet exercise and meditation.

  • Discuss your health with your doctor before making any changes.
  • Write your goals.  What you’d like to accomplish.  When you’d like to accomplish them (realistically).
  • The weight you’d like to attain and maintain.
  • Research and choose meditation
  • Choice of exercise: Yoga, walking, etc.

This group should be seen as a well-balanced diet mentally, physically, and spiritually.

An excellent form of exercise is walking twenty to thirty minutes daily.  Meditation is also a great way of maintaining health and happiness.  Make a schedule for your daily routine.  Wake up time; Exercise time; Meditation time; Breakfast time.  Not necessarily in that order.  Meditation at least ten to fifteen minutes. A healthy mind and body make a Happy and Fruitful life.

Life-Changing Event.

This is a life-changing event.  A state of mind should be taken seriously.  Don’t be discouraged if you slip up at times.  Engaging the whole family could be a great help.  Young children especially are eager, and they make it a lot of fun.   Starting them out gives them discipline and organization early in life. However, if they’re definitely not interested, they should not be forced.

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